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Main uses of glue spreader

Gluing machine is also called coating machine, glue scraper, automatic glue sprayer, etc. A kind of mechanical equipment mainly used to apply liquid glue on the surface of textiles, cartons or leather. There are many types of existing gluing machines, such as drum gluing machine, double-acting gluing machine, double-station lifting gluing machine, etc.

The glue applicator sprays glue or paint and other liquids onto the required products through air pressure. The equipment adopts three-axis linkage, automatic operation, and is equipped with computer programming to control path spraying. The spraying thickness and time can be set, which is easy to operate.

Gluing machines are mostly used for toys (bonding, fixing, wiring, insulation); Sealing and packaging; Handbags, leather goods, leather bags; Small household appliances, wires, connectors, connectors; Sound and picture frame; Identification label; Fixation of hardware; Small paper products adhesion and fixation; Trinkets, handicrafts, hairpins, water polo, etc; Fixation, bonding and insulation of electronic products; Other manual or semi-automatic applications requiring glue.

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