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Characteristics and application fields of hot press

1Features of hot press:

1. Fast response. Concentrated heat, especially suitable for welding workpieces with small spacing and fast heat conduction

2. The unique learning function can output stable temperature and avoid overshoot by setting heating parameters according to the recommendations.

3. Different from the control of the gear of the traditional hot press, it accurately controls the energy and has a unique dual PID control to ensure the temperature stability.

4. It has the function of fault diagnosis and alarm such as abnormal temperature and broken wire to prevent the workpiece from burning.

5. Four-stage heating setting, time wide range setting (0.3-99s), suitable for complex welding process.

6. 15 sets of parameters are stored to facilitate the use of various welding varieties.

7. Large Chinese LCD display, displaying multiple contents at the same time, easy to operate.

8. Strong external communication function: welding end, fault, RS-232 data communication port, convenient for automatic welding.

2Application field of hot press:

1. Hot pressing welding and soldering of flexible circuit boards for LCD PDP and other electronic products;

2. Soldering of enameled wires for HDD coils, capacitors, sensors, etc;

3. Soldering of cables and parallel ports in the communication machine;

4. Resin hot-pressing combination of small cameras;

5. The gold wire inside the microwave element is hot-pressed;

6. Soldering of CMOS, CCD and FPC boards of digital cameras and mobile phones;

7. ACF hot pressing, etc.

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