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Structure and scope of application of dryer

The dryer has strong resistance to over-load, large processing capacity, low fuel consumption, and low drying cost: adopting the downstream drying method, the flue gas and wet materials enter the dryer from the same side, which can use the high-temperature flue gas to obtain high evaporation strength, low outlet temperature of the dryer, and high thermal efficiency: the operating parameters can be changed according to different material properties, so that the materials can form a stable full-cut fabric curtain in the dryer barrel, More sufficient mass and heat exchange; The new feeding and discharging device eliminates the blocking, discontinuity, nonuniformity and material return of the drum dryer, and reduces the load of the dust removal system; The new internal structure strengthens the cleaning and heat conduction of the dispersed materials, eliminates the sticking phenomenon of the inner wall of the cylinder, and has stronger adaptability to the moisture and viscosity of the materials; The dryer realizes "zero horizontal thrust", greatly reduces the wear of the retaining roller, and the cylinder operates stably and reliably; The dryer adopts a "self-aligning supporting roller device", which makes the matching between the supporting roller and the roller ring always in linear contact, thus greatly reducing the wear and power loss.

Applicable scope of dryer:

Dryers are mainly used in mineral processing, building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry and other departments to dry materials with a certain degree or intensity. Vertical dryers have strong adaptability to materials, can dry various materials, and the equipment is simple and reliable, and can also be widely used. In the products, it fully reflects the application innovation, expansion of efficiency, cost reduction, quality improvement, safe production and environmental protection are ideal equipment for drying briquette production lines.

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